About Hulme & Health

Originally founded in 2000 by George and Partners LTD, and now run by Hulme & Health LTD it has been driven by the scientific/medical research coming out of the USA in the late 1990’s that suggested health benefits associated with carotenoids in general, and tomato lycopene in particular. 

Whilst there had been much earlier work to show how plants are protected from too much sunlight by carotenoids, it was the results of our own studies and the human trials from major American medical laboratories (most notably Professor Giovannucci at Harvard and Professor Kucuk of the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit) that convinced us to begin a commercial venture based on the development and sale of lycopene supplements in the flight against prostate disease.


Over the last 20 years, Lycoplushas gone from strength to strength. They were the first company in the world to create a lycopene health supplement with added vitamin C to extend its effectiveness and we are now on our fourth generation product. More recently, we have introduced a free information service that keeps our customers and other interested parties up to date with the latest lycopene health-related research findings from around the globe.

Throughout, we have stuck to our principles of basing our developments on the latest available science. We continue to be active in the research community, regularly presenting at international conferences and keeping close to our customers through user groups and other forums. Four of our five directors are professional scientists.