Lycoplus | Lycopene Supplement by Hulme & Health

Rarely a week goes by when lycopene and its benefit to human health is not in the news. Some claims are founded on good scientific data, others are more fantastical in nature. The difficulty is knowing which is which. 

At Hulme & Health, we seek to present the current state of lycopene science, accurately, knowledgeably and with due authority. We track the latest lycopene research findings from around the world, particularly those investigating possible health benefits related to prostate cancerbreast cancerheart disease and skin health, and provide a free information service to our subscribers. We report on all significant lycopene research 

We also supply Lycoplus, a bioavailable food supplement that uniquely combines 15mg of lycopene with 60mg of vitamin C and other ingredients. Our own research has indicated that vitamin C reactivates “spent” lycopene, prolonging the presence of the anti-oxidant.

Hulme & Health is the collective brainchild of internationally renowned professors Jim Barber F.R.S., George Truscott D.Sc., F.R.S.E. and Dr Fritz Boehm M.D., three lycopene experts who have published more than 800 scientific papers between them over the last 30 years.